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This Year we will have in place Tokens to exchange for Drinks and Merch, Food Vendors will still be using cash and in some cases EFTPOS, so we will be providing ATMS and these will be at locations (Specified on our site map). So bring some cash with you so you can enjoy the food as well as the drinks.


It might sound like a great idea to bring along what you think will make your time at Stixx fun and exciting! We need to ensure you know what is NOT ALLOWED before you start packing your Stuff and heading our way. The following list of items is not allowed and will be confiscated on arrival or on your possession, you may also not be allowed to enter the festival so make sure you read this list.


  • Large furniture, coaches etc (these may not fit in your pocket!).

  • Illicit drugs of any kind.

  • Fires, sparklers, fireworks “Total Fire Ban onsite”

  • Any Lasers fixed or portable are illegal.

  • No pets or animals are allowed within the festival areas. (service animals are allowed such as police and emergency service dogs or Guide dogs)

  • Alcohol purchased outside of the festival grounds.

  • Weapons or dangerous objects of any kind.

  • Glass bottles or glass containers (make sure its plastic)

  • Finally Event staff have the right to deem any item potentially dangerous or offensive.


On offer at Amongst The Stixx Music festival will be a variety of tasteful indulgences that are sure to make your mouth water, each day food vendors will greet you in our “Food Zone”, there will be meat friendly, and a large variety of foods.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better we have available a variety of beverages and mixed drinks which can be found at one of our many Bars on location.

If you’re enjoying the privileges of the VIP tropical bar you will be offered a large variety of beverages that cannot be accessed by the general public, table service will also be available to ensure you are comfortable and don’t have to move a muscle while you enjoy the entertainment.

This Year we will have in place Tokens to exchange for Drinks and Merch, Food Vendors will still be using cash and in some cases EFTPOS, so we will be providing ATMS and these will be at locations (Specified on our site map). So bring some cash with you so you can enjoy the food as well as the drinks.



 (We like to refer to STUFF as anything you brought with you)

When you decide to finally depart from Amongst The Stixx, we want to leave the environment like it was when you arrived, this means you need to take all your “STUFF” home with you, this way you can use it at the next festival you attend. If you leave it behind then it will be either donated to charity or thrown in the dump.

CARPOOL (No this does not mean we will have a pool onsite full of cars!)

Prior to packing your toothbrush, getting your swag ready and seeing if your tent is still in good nick to use at Amongst The Stixx, we recommend Carpooling with some mates so you can save on parking, fuel and also have a D ezy if needed (Dezy is abbreviation for designated driver who does not drink alcohol!), you not only get to have a fun trip but if your all camping then can get all your camping spots close to each other.  


Waste disposal on site will help us keep the beautiful surrounds clean and picturesque for everyone to enjoy before, during and after the event. Waste disposal bins for both general waste and recycling will be available throughout the Event Areas so please use them respectively (this means throw your crap in the right bins mate, cheers).



We have available Medical staff so that in circumstances where you may be feeling unwell, have an injury or suffering from the climatic conditions you can visit and be cared for. Medical / First aid facilities will be located onsite to ensure the safety and well being of all those attending is catered for, these will be located on our site map.

If you have medicine which is obtained through a prescription that requires refrigerated storage please email us at info@stixxmusicfestival to insure we have these available for you onsite.

A safe and healthy environment is important to us and ensuring your wellbeing is our priority, this is why we have onsite Police officers, Friendly and helpful security, St Johns ambulance staff, and Event Staff that ensure you are cared for at all times.



Amongst the Stixx Music festival wouldn’t be possible without the great help we receive from numerous volunteers that come to be part of our Festival, they come from all around the country to help make this Event what is it “fun, great vibes and just a blast to be part of”.

Volunteer applications are available by clicking on the appropriate tab and filling in the application form, we would love to have as part of our amazing team.




If you are not sure what to bring? Please refer to the below list of recommended Festival essentials.

  • All your Tickets (Tickets of all types you have purchased and identification)

  • Cash and cards

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

  • A drink bottle is very important, we will have refill stations at The Event

  • Insect repellent

  • Medication/s you’re required to take: head to Medical & Well being for more information

  • Ear plugs

  • Water



Amongst The Stixx Music festival have the following Facilities and infrastructure in place for all those attending 


  • Toilets 

  • First aid and emergency medical facilities

  • Food Vendors / stalls

  • Shade (limited areas available), bring a hat!!! yes, it'll be bloody hot and we want you to stay safe and enjoy the many days of entertainment.

  • Information tent with very friendly and helpful staff.

  • Free drinking stations / water outlets.(free water woo hoo!)

  • ATM’s and Eftpos machines.

  • A friendly team of security to make your time with us safe and fun.


At any time if you need to locate any facilities you can go to our information tent and our friendly Event staff will help and assist you.


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