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AMONGST THE STIXX MUSIC FESTIVAL TERMS & CONDITIONS:2018-2019 - (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

The terms and conditions set out below constitute a binding contract between 'entity name' - The Trustee For Bundalong Tavern Unit Trust ABN - 85 347 738 493 (the "promoter" of ATSMF) and the individual holding or using a ticket (Ticket Holder) in relation to the event known as Amongst The Stixx Music Festival (Event). All terms and conditions set out below are to be read and agreed with as part of all ticket purchases for the event.



1.This ticket is sold by ATSMF the Event. The following conditions are for the sale of tickets, entry and attendance at the Event.

2. Any reference to ATSMF includes its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons.

3. Tickets are sold subject to ATSMF conditions of sale and to the terms and conditions of entry to The Event Area.

4. For the purpose of these terms and conditions ‘Event Area’ means the areas and venues specified by ATSMF as comprising the area where the Event is conducted. ATSMF will display Event Area signage at the entry to the main Event entry area, and Ticket Holders will be given an Event Area map upon receiving their Event wristband.(please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

5. All Ticket Holders must be 18 years or over and must supply correct full name at the time of purchase.

6. All Ticket sales are final upon purchase, the ticket is the sole responsibility of the Ticket Holders. Tickets are not transferable under any circumstances.

7. Ticket holders must show ID to prove their age if required or on demand at any stage of The Event.

8. You must have a valid Event ticket to enter the Event Area, a Valid ticket can be a hard copy with barcode or phone image, all attendees must also have proof of ID with the same name as stated on their ticket hardcopy or image provided at the time of entry to Event. You must have a valid Camping ticket to access Camping Grounds Area (CGA), you must also have a valid ticket to access General Parking Area (GPA). (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

9. Tickets must be treated like cash. Tickets are not refundable and not exchangeable and will not be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged, except as required by law or as otherwise specified by these Event Terms, or by the Promoter from time to time. No refunds will be made if you do not attend due to inclement weather. Defaced, Damaged or illegible tickets will not be accepted. Do not share your ticket barcode with anyone else or you may be denied entry. Tickets purchased from a source other than the official ticket merchant will not be honoured at the Event.

10. The Promoter reserves the right to change the Event program and artist line-up and vary the Event date or venue at its discretion without prior notification. The Promoter is not liable for any loss, injury, damage or compensation, as a result of the Event being cancelled, postponed, relocated or changed for whatever reason. If the Event is cancelled in whole or in part by act of God, extreme weather, act of war, industrial dispute or for any event outside the control of the Promoter then refunds shall be at the Promoter’s absolute discretion.

11. No ticket refunds or compensation will be made in circumstances where the Event program varies due to the non-appearance of an advertised artist. The Event will take place rain, hail or shine. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

12. Any sale or attempted re-sale of a ATSMF ticket by the Ticket Holder (including on-line auction sites, ticket scalpers or unauthorised ticket resellers) without the prior consent of the Promoter is prohibited. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of these Event Terms, the Promoter retains the right to: refuse entry to or eject the Ticket Holder from ATSMF, cancel the ticket without a refund, refuse entry to or eject the Ticket Holder from the Event and/or commence legal proceedings. Use of tickets in conjunction with any advertising, promotion, marketing or competition is strictly prohibited unless authorised by the promoter. 

 13. There will be no refund of any unused portion of an Event Ticket if you are asked or forced to leave the Event for any of the reasons set out in the Event Terms or if you decide not to attend the Event.

14. Tickets for The Event are sold on the condition Ticket Holders are bound by the regulations and rules issued by ATSMF, the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia, the state of Victoria and local Authorities including State Police and the rules and regulations enacted there under.


Health And Safety

15. The Event will go ahead and take place rain, hail or shine as long as the atmospheric conditions do not endanger those attending the Event. In the event the Promoter deems the atmospheric or any other circumstance or conditions a risk to the well being of those attending the Event he has the right to stop the Event and ask all those attending to evacuate the Event Area immediately, the Promoter will not be held liable of any property loss, damage to personal items or injury to individuals if he deems necessary to evacuate the Event Area. In the event of a evacuation of the Event Area the promoter is not required to refund purchased tickets to the event.

Entry to the Event.

16. ATSMF is strictly 18 years or above Event, no exceptions for both the 31.12.2019 and 01.01.2019.

17. All Ticket Holders attending ATSMF are subject to all bags/containers being searched on arrival or at random times and locations inside the The Event. Strictly no alcohol may be brought into Camping Area, Event Area or Parking Area, no glass or alcohol can be brought into Event Area. ATSMF reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol, drugs, glass or drink containers containing banned substances including bottles or alcoholic beverages that are not for sale at The Event and found on a person within Event Area, Camping Area or Parking Area. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

18. All valid Tickets will be exchanged for a wristband to indicate the Event Area they are able to enter, this must be worn at all times. Damaged wrist bands will be deemed as invalid and entry to the Event Area will/may be refused. ATSMF reserves all rights to refuse entry to all Event Areas if a ticket or wristband is deemed duplicated, tampered with or damaged due to removal from wrist. Any person or persons found within the Event Areas without the appropriate valid wristband or staff pass or accreditation will be deemed a trespasser and will be handed to security and or police and evicted from the event if deemed to trespass.

19. Entry to VIP Area is subject to capacity and the safety of individuals and ATSMF reserves the right to refuse entry at any time if necessary.

20. Ticket Holders upon purchasing Event Tickets agree to comply by all Event Security Rules and Arrangements, including all rules and arrangements by The Event which include personal body searches if deemed necessary by The Promoter or Security. There will be no refund for the none use of all or part of a ticket, if you do not attend The event after purchasing a Ticket, this does not constitute a refund and as such we will not be providing refunds for this circumstance.

21. In the event that any item or personal property is confiscated due to it coming under one of the following titles no claim can be made against The ATSMF this includes its Promoter, employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons.

List of prohibited items that can be confiscated at ATSMF (Amongst The Stixx Music Festival).

Alcohol of any kind, Skateboards, Illegal Drugs, Drones of any type, Barbeques or other devices to cook with, Generators, Campfires, Butane Gas, Fire twirling devices or any item which can be deemed a fire threat and dangerous, Flares, Glass of any kind, Any studded items including Belts or Wristbands, Weapons of any kind, Fireworks, Water pistols, Lasers of any kind, Umbrellas, Gas lanterns, Scooters, any type of Motorised Scooter or Two Wheel Transport, Flyers, Sound System (Camping Area, Gas Bottles, Flammable Liquids, Port-a-loos, Petrol or Diesel containers, Animals of any kind (guide dog are excepted but The Event must be notified two weeks prior to The Event or ATSMF reserve the right to refuse entry, any items considered dangerous or deemed to be viewed as appearing to be dangerous, anti social or threatening.

Audio / Visual

22. All Ticket holders attending The Event are asked to bring with them some form of hearing protection to prevent any subsequent risk of injury to their hearing if exposed to extended periods of audio from the Event sound systems, ATSMF recommends limited exposure to The Event sound systems. ATSMF  includes its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons take no responsibility for hearing injury caused by extended exposure to sound system at The Event.

23. All Ticket Holders consent to their inclusion in any official videos, photography or promotional content before, during and after The Event, this includes being part of audience at the The Event and give all permissions to The Promoter, ATSMF and associated promotional business Partyoz Entertainment to use these photos and videos for current and future marketing indefinitely in all formats of marketing and media without any restrictions.

Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Glass and Smoking.

24. All buildings within The Event are smoke free, ATSMF will have available designated smoking areas.

25.The Event known as Amongst The Stixx Music festival is a LICENSED EVENT and as such is 18 years and over requiring photographic ID to be carried on each Ticket Holder for proof of age during the duration of the event and also to purchase alcohol, Ticket Holders can only consume alcohol in the Event Area, no alcohol can be consumed sold or stored in the Camping Area or Parking Area as designated by The Promoter and ATSMF, these are DRY AREAS and no alcohol is permitted to be consumed in the Camping or Parking Areas.

26.ATSMF have the right to remove any person from the event and remove and confiscate their wristband if they deem or are found to have supplied Alcohol within a DRY AREA, be in possession of alcohol in a DRY AREA, been in the possession of a drug or drugs, acting in an unsocial manner, be under the influence of a drug, be intoxicated, endangering themselves or any other person at any time.


Trade Sites and Food Vendors

27.Prior to The Event advertising by Trade site or Food Vendors of any sort is permitted, no Gorilla marketing, Ambush Marketing or sub marketing of vendors or trade sites is allowed via social media, text, or any other form of marketing or advertising unless prior permission from ATSMF is provided in writing. Any breach of these terms will constitute a breach in Terms and ATSMF can terminate any agreement with the Trade Site or Food Vendor.

28. Tickets for The Event cannot be used for any form of media marketing, sales or any form of promotion whether commercial or non - commercial, unless prior permission from ATSMF is provided in writing.

29. Trading signs or signage of any kinds are not permitted unless prior permission from ATSMF is provided in writing. Ticket Holders are not permitted to trade or sell any item unless prior permission from ATSMF is provided in writing.

General Safety

30. In the event of an emergency evacuation or any type of situation deemed to cause the need for evacuation all ticket holders must follow the instructions of ATSMF staff and or security.

31. No animals are permitted into The Event with the exception of guide dogs, please note that two weeks' notice is required for all guide dog related attendees.

32. All activities deemed anti social or dangerous are not permitted including crowd surfing, moshing, jumping from stage, standing or sitting on other Ticket holders shoulders and stage diving. All Ticket Holders engaging in any of these activities may result in confiscation of Event Wristband, and removal from The Event.

33. Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times to ensure no injuries occur to Ticket holders.

34. To ensure the safety of Ticket Holders the directions of ATSMF staff must be followed at all times and agree to facilitate the instructions given to them by ATSMF staff at all times, Any breach of these terms or condition will immediately result in removal of Ticket Holders wristband and removal of the person or persons from The Event.


Environmental and Community

35. Ticket holders must not cause any harm or damage to any of The Event ATSMF property or public facility this includes all neighbouring houses and or properties, no flora or fauna can be moved, damaged or relocated. Any breach of these terms or condition will immediately result in removal of Ticket Holders wristband and removal of the person or persons from The Event. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

36. Ticket holders Must not enter any bodies of water onsite or nearby The Event, Ticket Holders must not remove or attempt to remove, relocate or adjust any item or property of ATSMF or property of neighbouring properties. Any breach of these terms or condition will immediately result in removal of Ticket Holders wristband and removal of the person or persons from The Event. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

37. Ticket Holders accept full liability and responsibility for any damage or loss caused in contravention to the above mentioned terms 35 and 36.

Arrival, Parking and Camping - (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

38. On arrival to ATSMF all Ticket Holders agree to follow the direction of ATSMF staff, all Ticket Holders and patrons attending ATSMF agree to allow ATSMF staff to search and inspect their vehicle for prohibited items, a list of these items is in section number 22.  Failure to allow staff to facilitate a search of your vehicle or the vehicle you are in can result in you not being allowed to enter The Event Camping Area and your Ticket being cancelled. Please be patient as this can take some time to facilitate. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

39. After vehicle inspection Ticket Holders will be directed to Parking Area or Camping Area dependant on Tickets Purchased prior to The Event, Vehicles must follow ATSMF staff directions at all times and park at the location they are given at The Event by ATSMF staff, Vehicles must not park in unauthorised areas or block emergency exits, any failure to follow these instructions can result in the vehicle being towed and all costs will be charged to The ticket holder and at The Ticket holders expense. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

40. Ticket holders must follow all instructions from ATSMF staff for camping and setting up campsites, all camp sites are allocated a limited area of 5 metres x 4 metres unless permitted in writing by ATSMF prior to the event, vehicles or tents going outside their allocated area will be asked to move into their area or will have to leave the event if they do not follow these instructions and request from ATSMF staff. If a campsite is deemed "Too Large" the ATSMF staff are permitted to ask the site be reduced in size and this must be adhered to immediately. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)

41. The Promoter, ATSMF, its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons take no responsibility for any loss, damage, damage to, or improper use of vehicles or property whilst attending The Event, any improper use of vehicle will result in your Event ticket being cancelled. It is the sole responsibility for all Ticket Holders or patrons attending The Event known as Amongst The Sticks Music Festival to ensure their vehicle is securely locked and all valuables are carried with them or locked in their vehicle to eliminate the risk of loss or theft. (please note camping and parking will not be available at this event)



42.Ticket Holders waive all legal rights of action against and fully release the Promoter, its directors, officers, agents, employees, contractors and volunteers from and against all claims for compensation, expense, loss, damage, injury or death suffered or incurred howsoever arising out of or in relation to the Ticket Holder’s attendance and participation in the Event including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission on the part of the persons released or under statute or for breach of these Event Terms. Patrons agree to indemnify the Promoter, its directors, officers, agents, employees against any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by the Promoter as a result of any negligence or breach of these Event Terms by the Patron (Ticket Holder).

43. If a Ticket holder is injured, suffers an injury or some form of illness ATSMF the Promoter and staff may at their own discretion, arrange Medical treatment and emergency evacuation as deemed necessary for the safety and well being of the Ticket Holder, this will be at the cost of the Ticket Holder, ATSMF are not liable for any costs related to Medical treatment or emergency evacuation if deemed necessary by ATSMF staff or The Promoter.

44. It is the responsibility of The Ticket holder to ensure hearing protection is in there possession and used during the The Event, ATSMF take no responsibility for any hearing damage or hearing loss at The Event, this has been previously mentioned in this agreement.

45. The Ticket Holder acknowledges and agrees entry to The event is at the Ticket holders own risk. The Ticket holder also acknowledges ATSMF, the promoter all staff and contractors take no responsibility for any damage or loss to property such as bags, personal items, money, wallets etc brought to The Event or purchased at The Event.

46. The promoter may novate its rights and obligations under this event terms to another person nominated by the promoter. The novation will be effective dependant on the date it is made in writing and will be posted on the event website www.amongstthestixxmusicfestival.com and from this effective date the nominated party will take all rights and associated obligations of the promoter and the promoter will be released from all obligations and rights under The Event terms.


47. It is a condition of your Ticket purchase that The Ticket holder consents to the Promoter collecting the Ticket Holders information to assist in the processing of Ticket Holder's Event tickets in accordance with privacy act 1988.

48. Empty bottle or reusable bottles are permitted into The Event areas to allow refill of water during The Event, ATSMF reserves the right to examine all bottles prior to entry into The Event.

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